SARI to PM Abe – Scientific Bases for Potential Fukushima Health Effects

Jan 17, 2014 by

Download (PDF, 90KB)

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  1. Did you ever receive a reply to this letter? If not, could we consider a follow-up, with an offer to place our own (volunteer) scientists inside the ‘exclusion zone’, living, growing vegetables in the garden, analysing the (slight) additional exposure and showing by example that we consider it perfectly safe to live there? I for one would be happy to live for the next few years right next to the Fukushima site, enjoying the lovely scenery, demonstrating scientifically and emotionally(!) that it is safe.

    • Mark Miller

      Sorry for the tardy reply. I only sporadically check the website, since it’s “on the side” from my regular duties (as it is for all SARI members). Are you interested in becoming a SARI member/contributor? Go to the Membership links on the SARI webpage.

    • Mark Miller

      Your Offer to place a volunteer is a great “challenge”, but would obviously not be accepted by anyone. 🙁 The best we can hope for is consistently addressing the misinformation with sound, scientific, defensible information. (BTW…sign me up to spend a year near Fukushima!)

      • I appreciate that the odds are probably against the acceptance of scientists on site, but still feel that a proposal for this should be made, because the message it implies is an important one: we don’t believe there’s any hazard there!

        I think I’ve already made an application for membership – please check that!

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