Radiation Hormesis – A Remedy for Fear

Apr 24, 2014 by

By Zbigniew Jaworowski
Courtesy of SAGE Journals

Personal reflections on radiation hormesis for the past 50 years are presented. The causes of ignoring and rejections of this phenomenon by international and national bodies and by radiation protection establishment are analyzed. The opposition against nuclear weapons and preparations for nuclear war was probably the main factor in inducing the concern for adverse effects of low doses of ionizing radiation, a byproduct of activism against the nuclear weapon tests. UNSCEAR was deeply involved in preparation of the scientific basis for cessation of nuclear test, and contributed to elaboration of the LNT assumption, which is in contradiction with the hormetic phenomenon. However, this authoritative body recognized also the existence of radiation hormesis, termed as ‘adaptive response. The political and vested interests behind exclusion of hormesis from the current risk assessment methodology are discussed.

hormesis, radiation, adaptive response, hormetic, linearity, risk assessment

The view the full article please visit: http://het.sagepub.com/content/29/4/263.full.pdf+html


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  1. Robin Smith

    Thank you for your work.

    I agree with whats being said.

    Have you considered the possibility there is something deeper going on in terms of the hysteria surrounding the irrational fear of radiation.

    The most intense anti nukes are not stupid normally yet when it comes to radiation act stupid. And it cannot all be put down to vested interest.

    Theres a definite psychology here but I see no one investigating it. Except me, excuse my arrogance.

    Something is ‘activated’ in these people, of which theyre not apparently conscious. It intensifies among their groups or collectives. A collective unconscious seems to be in operation yet what is behind it.

    We need to do better science. The psychology of the collective is woefully lacking investigation.

    Are you willing and able to look into it?

    Robin Smith

    • Mark Miller

      Many of the SARI members are painfully aware of what you speak! Unfortunately, we are science geeks and simply victims of the radiophobia that folks exhibit (which is how we can together in the first place).

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    • Mark Miller

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