Dear Heather Matteson and Kristin Zaitz,
The role of women from the beginning of time has been vitally important: having children, raising children, educating children, care givers for normal health services, during plagues, during times of war, and recently making tremendous contributions in nearly all professions and positions in government.
The organization you created, Mothers for Nuclear comes at a critical time,. Many anti-nuclear energy and anti-nuclear medicine forces have thoroughly penetrated the minds of the public, the media and government in many countries. They have done this for decades and many consider that they are winning at the moment. For example, the United States has hardly any plans to replace aging nuclear plants with new ones. The efforts to win the hearts and minds of the public, media and government officials clearly hasn’t been successful. The use of nuclear energy in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia and the South Pacific is in question. Only in Russia and China is the use of nuclear energy a sure thing.


At Environmentalists for Nuclear – USA, we contribute to global public education about energy in general, nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, other nuclear technologies, radioisotopes and radiation and why they are important for people and the environment. On topics that are controversial, we present articles on both sides and let our audiences in 115 countries decide for themselves. In the next few weeks, we will reach the milestone of having 1,000 articles, PowerPoint Presentations and videos by 600 contributing authors from around the world. 
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Environmentalists for Nuclear – USA may have the largest collection of articles, PowerPoint Presentations, and videos, the largest number of contributing authors, and the largest number of countries receiving a nuclear newsletter. We were limited by budget to 5,000 subscribers. But our outstanding technical director of video production, website design and newsletter distribution has found a service that will enable us to reach many, many thousands of people for the same budget. We expect big changes and progress in the coming years.