Name Education Level Employer / Affiliation
Adams, Rod MS Atomic Insights LLC
Allison , Wade PhD Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Oxford
Anderson, Rip PhD Sandia National Laboratories (Retired)
Angwin, Meredith BS, MS Carnot Communications
Bevelacqua, Joseph John PhD, CHP, RRPT
President, Bevelacqua Resources
Bernal, Frederico PhD University of Buenos Aires in Argentina
Bhat, Madhava PhD
Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre, Adelaide, Australia
Borders, Rex MS DOE/NNSA
Brodsky, Allen Sc.D., CHP, CIH, DABR Georgetown University
Brooks, Tony PhD Washington State University (Retired)
Brozowski, George BS, Radiation Technology U.S. EPA, Region 6
Bus, James PhD  Exponent – Engineering and Scientific Consulting
Cai, Lu MD, PhD University of Louisville
Cardarelli, John PhD, CHP, CIH, PE, RSO EPA, but in a personal capacity only
Church, Bruce W. MS BWC Enterprises, Inc.
Cohen, Mervyn MBChB Indiana University
Conca, Jim PhD Senior Scientist at UFA Ventures, Inc.
Leslie E. Corrice MA Self-employed / Semi-retired
Cox, Morgan MS  Consultant
Crawford, Chris MS U.S. Dept. of Labor
Cuttler, Jerry M DSc in Nuclear Sciences Cuttler & Associates
Davey, Chris B.S. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Denman, Matt PhD Sandia National Laboratories
Dobrzynski, Ludwik D.Sc. National Center for Nuclear Research, 05-400 Otwock, A.
Soltana 7, Poland
Doss, Mohan PhD Associate Professor, Fox Chase Cancer Center
Dube, Scott M.S. Morton Plant Hospital
Easty, Mack MD U.S.Army (retired)
Esposito, Vincent J. PhD Adjunct Prof. Uni of Pittsburgh
Farooque, Abdullah MS Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Drdo,
Delhi, India
Feinendegen, Ludwig E.  MD Heinrich-Heine University,  Dusseldorf, Germany
Fellman, Alan Ph.D. Dade Moeller & Associates, Inc.
Feltham, Christopher M.B.,Ch.B., FRANZCR Retired Diagnostic Radiologist
Fisher, Darrell Ph.D. Dade Moeller Health Group
Fornalski, Krzysztof Ph.D., Eng Polish Nuclear Society (PTN)
Franz J, Freibert PhD Los Alamos National Laboratory
Frey, Steven R., MS MP Biomedicals, LLC and NCRP
Golden, Robert PhD ToxLogic
Gomez, Leo Ph.D. Sandia National Laboratories (Retired)
Hansen, Richard (Rick) BS National Security Technologies, LLC (NSTec)
Haque, Munima PhD Southeast University, Dhaka, Bangaladesh
Hargraves, Robert PhD Dartmouth College
Hart, John DC, MHSc Chiropractor
Hattori, Sadao Ph.D. Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)
Hauer, Jerome M. Ph.D., MHS CEO, Hauer Consulting/ Visiting Professor Defence Academy United Kingdom, Cranfield University
Hayes, Rob PhD Nuclear Waste Partnership LLC/WIPP
Higson, Don Ph.D.  Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation  (ANSTO) (Retired)
Hiserodt, Ed BS Controls & Power, Inc
Hoe, Gary MS  Sandia National Laboratories (Retired)
Hooker, Tony Ph.D. Env. Prot. Agency, Australia
Hylko, Jim MS  (MPH) Enercon Federal Services, Inc.
Jackson, Doug W. MS Matrix New World Engineering, Houston, TX
Janiak, Marek K. Professor of medical sci. Military Institute of Hygiene & Epidemiology, Warsaw, Poland
Kaneko, Masahito ME Radiation Effects Association (Japan)
Kaspar, Matthew MS Sandia National Laboratories
Kesavan, P.C. Ph.D. M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, India
Kollar, Lenka MS Nuclear Undone LLC
Laster, Brenda Ph.D. Ben Gurion University
Little, Craig A. Ph.D. Two Lines, Inc.
Lipski, Slawek
Ph.D Medical University in Warsaw, Poland
 Lorenz, William “Rusty” MS Harvard — Boston Children’s Hospital
 MacMillan,  Walter J. M.S. Syncom Space Services
Mahn, Jeffrey MS Sandia National Laboratories (Retired)
Malenfant, Richard MS, MBA Los Alamos National Laboratory (Retired)
Marcus, Carol Silber B.S., M.S., Ph.D., M.D., ABNM Self + UCLA
Miller, Mark MS Sandia National Laboratories
Mortazavi, SMJ PhD Professor, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
Nowosielska, Eva PhD Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Warsaw, Poland
Oakley, Paul A. DC, MSc

Innovative Chiropractic

Orient, Jane BA, BS, MD Individual Practitioner of Medicine, editor of Doctors for
Disaster Preparedness Newsletter and Civil Defense Perspectives
Osborn, Doug PhD Sandia National Laboratories
Payne, Steven S. PhD DOE/NNSA
Pennington, Charles MS/MBA Private Consultant
Philbin, Jeffrey S. PhD Sandia National Laboratories (Retired)
Potter, Gus PhD Sandia National Laboratories
Rangacharyulu, Chary PhD University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Reese, Robert B.S. Sandia National Laboratories
Reeves, Glen I. MD Applied Research Associates, Inc.
Rithidech, Kanokporn Noy PhD Professor of Research Pathology , Stony Brook
Rossin, A. David PhD Independent consultant on nuclear power safety
Ruedig, Elizabeth PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, Colorado State University
Sackett, John PhD Argonne National Laboratory (retired)
Sacks, Bill PhD, MD FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (Retired)
Sacks, Miriam RT Kaiser Permanente, Washington, DC (Retired)
Sanders, Charles L PhD (Retired)
Scott, B.R. PhD Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI)
Scott, Jacob PhD, MD H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center
Sinclair, Timothy Kelly MS Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center
Socol, Yehoshua PhD Falcon Analytics, Israel
Stabin, Michael PhD Vanderbilt University
Strupczewski , Andrzej DSc National Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland
Sutou, Shizuyo PhD Functional Genomics, School of Pharmacy, Shujitsu University
Troyer, Gary L. B.S., M.S. Self-employed / Semi-retired
Uhlik, Chris PhD Google & Martingale
Ulsh , Brant PhD, CHP MH Chew and Associates
Vaiserman, Alexander PhD Institute of Gerontology, Kiev
Waligórski, Michael PhD Polish Institute of Nuclear Physics
Waltar, Alan PhD Texas A&M University (Retired)
Weiner, Ruth F. PhD Sandia National Laboratories (Retired)
Welsh,  James  MS, MD  University of Wisconsin
Wilson, Robert MD Buenaventura Medical Clinic (Retired).


Note: The members listed above are acting in their personal capacities in becoming SARI members. Affiliations of members are listed for identification purposes only and do not imply their memberships in SARI are on behalf of the affiliated organizations.


  1. I’m interested in membership in your organization. I’ve worked on ecological risk assessments related to radiation. Two members are former colleagues: Leo Gomez and Rip Anderson.

    • Mark Miller

      Send me a bio an brief note of interest. I’ll “nominate” you for SARI membership and send a note to Leo & Rip. I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. John Umhau MD MPH CPE

    I’m interested in possible beneficial effects of solar radiation. Currently, the US Surgeons General has a campaign to reduce sun exposure because it will theoretically reduce skin cancer. Unfortunately this recommendation did not fully consider any possible benefits of solar radiation exposure. I am aware that vitamin D supplementation does not have the same beneficial effect on most of the conditions that have been associated with low vitamin D, making me wonder whether the association is actually with sunlight.I have done research with suicide and find that vitamin D, a marker of sun exposure, is associated with a protective effect against suicide. Are any of you able to comment on the beneficial effects of sunlight? I believe the current policy is misguided, and will cause harm.

    As a public health practitioner, I am deeply worried about this problem.

    • Mark Miller

      We’re just focused on ionizing radiation right now, but the effects of sunlight indeed does have many similarities.
      Mark Miller

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