Associate Members


Bryan, A. Canon BS Vico Energy Corp
Cravens, Gwyneth MA Self-employed writer
Fujita, Hiroyuki 4-Year University Writer, translator, corporate trainer
Jennetta, Andrea B.A.  Fuel Cycle Week / Int’l. Nuclear Associates, Inc.
Kidd, Stephen William B.S East Cliff Consulting, Bournemouth
Lewis, Patricia n/a Free Enterprise Radon Health Mine
Lindberg, John C.H MA Technology Officer at Weinberg Next Nuclear
Meyerson, Gregory Phd  North Carolina A and T University
Morales, Bert RSO, CSP, CHMM, BS, MBA UniTech Services Group
Ropeik, David. B.S., M.S Ropeik & Associates
Rowland, Tawnya BS, Bus. Admin Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute
Terrell, Rebecca Nurse, MBA The New American magazine
(environmental issues contributor)
Trujillo, Jennifer BS Eye Associates of New Mexico

Note: The members listed above are acting in their personal capacities in becoming SARI associate members. Affiliations of members are listed for identification purposes only and do not imply their memberships in SARI are on behalf of the affiliated organizations.