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New SARI Member Invitation Protocol

Current SARI members are free (and encouraged) to invite additional like-minded scientists (“Members”) and other individuals (“Associate Members”) to join our ranks. The decision about whether to invite someone rests with each SARI member, but should be predicated by the desire to add active contributors (not just “numbers to increase the group’s size”). The invitees should be encouraged to provide their sponsors a short 3-5 line bio (full resume if it’s easier) including representative SARI-relevant publications (if any) so that they can be “introduced” to the other SARI members upon nomination certification. This nomination would then be endorsed by at least 2 additional SARI members (total of 3 sponsors) and the new member’s name will be added to the “Members” (scientists) or “Associate Members” (not necessarily scientists) roster on the SARI website.  You will be then be added to the SARI Google Groups email distribution list (we suggest that you set up a separate Gmail or Hotmail account to use so that this traffic doesn’t impact your other work or private email).

Please send the information below to this email address:

Your Email (we recommend an email address separate from your personal or work email)

Your Telephone Number

*Nominating SARI Member(s)

Education Level


Short 3-5 line bio (including representative SARI-relevant publications (if any). Full resume, if it’s easier.


* Individuals who are interested in joining the SARI initiative (after reviewing the website content), but who have not yet been “invited” by an existing SARI member, should review the SARI “Members” and “Associate Members” lists to identify potential “nominating SARI members” for you to include in your application note. Your information will be forwarded to those individuals for further evaluation regarding your desire to join SARI. Please be patient, since we are a small organization comprised of individuals who engage in SARI activities on their own time. Their involvement (and yours) is not related directly to their employment or employer.